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The Future is Digital, Are You In?

Corporations now face a few challenges. The rapid pace of technology advances means that employees upskill faster than ever before. In addition, customers require more assistance using increasingly complex products. However, current support tools have become antiquated. Digital Interactive User Manuals close the chasm by delivering needed technical information in highly interactive, user-friendly, effective formats.

There is no doubt that today technology moves fast. In fact, change seems to be omnipresent. Consequently, users and customers must become familiar with whatever new gizmo an organization rolls out. Yet, many individuals lack the skills needed to operate the increasingly complicated equipment: half of all employees will require reskilling by 2025.

Better Manuals Needed

Corporations need to create manuals that provide users with a comprehensive and an intuitive way to access information, such as operating instructions, maintenance procedures, catalogs, and troubleshooting steps. Something more lively and more immersive than a flat PDF.

An interactive technical manual supports multimedia elements, such as videos, animations, and interactive graphics. Those items transform the search process and enhance the user’s understanding of complex technical concepts.


Other Benefits Feature:

Filtered search where the system understands the context and applies specific criteria, filters, so a broad search query is narrowed down to relevant results.

All information resides in one database, so clients no longer search in a linear fashion.

Data modules are reused by various projects. A change to one is automatically recorded in all of the relevant guides.

Multi language support enables companies to provide all their employees with the same instructions no matter where they reside.

Terms definition via mouse hovering easily provides needed context as the reader works through a problem.

Checklists ensure that critical steps in a process are consistently followed, reducing the likelihood of errors or omissions that can compromise safety or outcomes.

Icons include brief explanations of particular components on each page. Such help notes keep employees and customers engaged and make it simpler for them to work with the product.

How Interactive Manuals can Boost my Business?

Documentation plays a key role in how well employees and customers leverage a business’ products. Consequently, interactive manuals improve use of the device, reduce customer support requirements, and boost usage and customer satisfaction. Use cases include:

Unmanned Machines

No human directly controlling the device? No problem. The interactivity that the manual delivers enables users to find needed information quickly. As a result, they spend more time using the device and less trying to understand how to operate it.



The robotics field is growing fast and furious. The market reached $42.35 billion in 2021 and to grow to $120.31 billion in 2030, a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.3%. Vendors are creating products that handle complex mechanical operations as well as increasingly taking on traditionally human input. These devices are strewn with pockets of intelligence components that work together to perform complex tasks. Employees and customers need to be able to sift through the complex circuitry and fine tune systems quickly and effectively.


Medical Devices

These solutions are a key part of the health care delivery systems and perform a wide range of functions. Health care providers spent $465.55 billion in 2022 on them and that number is expected to reach $625.32 billion in 2028, a CAGR of 4.9%. Their use cases are wide and growing as medical companies search for ways to leverage technology and reduce wait times, manual input, and expenses.

X-ray machines, MRI scanners, blood glucose monitors identify or confirm the presence of a medical condition. Therapeutic solutions, like ventilators, infusion pumps, and radiation therapy, treat or manage medical conditions.

Health care companies are trying to reduce their operating costs. So, they want these devices to take on a growing role in health care service delivery and free up employees to interact with patients.


Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturers are embracing Industry 4.0 principles and new technologies, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Augmented Reality/Augmented Reality, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. These smart factories are technology driven and data-driven. The benefits only arise if personnel are able to troubleshoot any problem.

Relying on Digital Interactive Manuals and Guides provides manufacturers with several advantages.

•  The more users operate autonomously, the fewer calls come into corporate support groups. So, by using interactive manuals, personnel requirements and expenses drop.

•  Standardize and mechanize customer support. Personnel spend more time on vexing problems and less on routine problems.

•  Improve safety. Manufacturers want to ensure that their equipment is used appropriately and only when users understand how to operate the devices is that possible. Making information easy for them to
access decreases the chances of a mishap.

Digital Interactive Manuals and Guides provide all the information your clients need in one convenient, easy to use location. Its intuitive navigation and interactive features empower users and raise your customer satisfaction to the next level.

Manufacturers are not experts in building customer support materials. Consequently, they often struggle to create effective manuals and guides. They lack the in-house expertise needed to deliver quality content. Quality engineering content, such as interactive user manuals, training materials, and engineering documentation.


Why Amarel ?

Our staff of seasoned technical writers, practical engineers, and training development specialists deliver turnkey solutions. You provide the specifications; we deliver the documentation, which is user friendly, comprehensive, and immersive. Working with us enables you to spend less time on content development, so you devote more of your resources to improving your products.

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