Amir Molad

Improved Efficiency and Cost-Savings with Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

An international company producing aerial unmanned platforms had technical manuals that have been printed and distributed to operators, engineers, and other maintenance personnel. These manuals were large and cumbersome, and finding the relevant information was time-consuming and complex. To improve efficiency and reduce costs, the company decided to switch to interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs).

The company is a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial platforms, with a global customer base. The company’s products are highly technical and require proper training and instruction to be used safely and effectively. In addition, they require regular maintenance and repairs. To support these activities, the company has a team of technicians and engineers who rely on technical manuals to troubleshoot issues and perform maintenance tasks.
The company was using printed technical manuals, which were distributed to technicians and engineers in the field and at the company’s various service centers. These manuals were often several hundred pages long and contained a wealth of information, including schematics, diagrams, and instructions. However, finding the relevant information could be challenging, as the manuals were not always organized in a logical manner. This resulted in technicians and engineers spending more time than necessary flipping through pages and searching for the right information.

To maintain customer satisfaction, it was essential to switch over to an electronic manual. But it was also necessary to create a database that can provide customers with filtered information according to product and role type and that can be searched easily. It was also significantly important that the instructions and procedures in the manual be clear and simple so that they will be performed in minimum time and errors.

The interactive electronic manual that Amarel produces is the exact fit for every costumer. The possibility to choose the user’s role type and filter the search by that role provides solutions and instructions in a minimum amount of time. This way the product’s end users can find the information they need and provide accurate and immediate answers without having to call the company’s service.
Since implementing IETMs, the company has seen a significant improvement in efficiency. Technicians and engineers can find the information they need more quickly, reducing the time required to complete tasks. In addition, the company has seen a cost-saving as it no longer needs to print and distribute large volumes of technical manuals and spends less engineering time on service calls.

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