Content and Documentation

Content and Documentation

Amarel-US is specializes in simplifying advanced complex systems. We help our customers create an environment where end-users have the required knowledge to properly perform their tasks.

We have a dedicated team of technical writers and practical engineers who are experienced in obtaining the necessary information from your development team to deliver supporting IETM. This allows companies to focus on the final stages of product development.

Our interactive digital platform organizes technical product information and offers a plethora of features for manufacturers and distributors to update their knowledge management capabilities and to significantly change their operation and their end user’s experience.

30 K

data modules written in a year

20 %

decrease in support tickets

100 K

saving on publishing expenses

10 K


Digital Interactive Manuals and Guides (IETM)

An innovative digital interactive user manual that delivers technical information in a highly interactive and user-friendly format.
The user manual is designed to provide users with a comprehensive and intuitive way to access information, such as operating instructions, maintenance procedures, catalogs , and troubleshooting guides. It uses multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and interactive graphics to enhance the user's understanding of complex technical concepts.

Traditional Manuals and Guides

Ready to print manuals and guides that comply with any standard .These documents contain detailed and structured information on how to use, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair various types of products, equipment, or systems.

Software documentation

Specialization in the creation and maintenance of documentation for software products. The documentation provides detailed information about the software's functionality, installation, configuration, programming interface, user interface, and troubleshooting procedures. It encompasses a variety of documents such as user manuals, system requirements, technical specifications, release notes, and APIs.


Catalog documentation either traditional or digital utilizes images/illustrations combined with information tables to provide product/system component part numbers and quantities. This comprehensive documentation helps customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Graphics and Illustrations

Technical Graphics and Illustrations service supplements technical documentation, including manuals, user guides, and specifications. Visual aids such as diagrams, illustrations, and graphics to improve the clarity and readability of technical information. These visuals make it easier for users to understand complex concepts.

“The technical writers do a very professional and fast job with the user guide.”
Scopio Program manager
“You do a great job for us that upgrade our user manuals”
D-Fend Product manager
"We started the activity two months ago for electronic literature for our systems, we presented the literature to our strategic customers, and it received excellent reviews and praise. We want to continue to write in this way with your help on all our platforms, for us it is a flagship product that will help us sell our systems."
Bluebird Customer success director
“We have been customers of Amarel for over three years, you have written over 12 products for us with incredible success. Working with you is excellent, you are an integral part of us and know our products absolutely, we really want to continue working with you.”
Uvision training manager

Case Studies

To maintain customer satisfaction, it was essential to switch over to an electronic manual. But it was also necessary to create a database that can provide customers with filtered information according to product and role type and that can be searched easily.